Identity Mash-Up and claimID

Thanks to Fred Stutzman on the claimID weblog, I just discovered the Identity Mash-Up. The conference covers topics that are near and dear, like technology and law, and of course privacy.

To quote:

The goal of the conference is to explore the role of identity systems (tools that let users and merchants know whom to trust on the web) in furthering or inhibiting privacy, civil liberties and new forms of civic participation and commerce.

I would love to be there, but since I just started my new job I won’t be able to make it. Maybe next time.

And while I’m on the subject, claimID is worth noting for a couple of reasons. First is the idea that maintaining control over your own information is one aspect of privacy. By that logic, claimID can be considered a tool for managing identity and, as a consequence, privacy. It got me thinking about identity and privacy enough to create a new category for the blog.

By strengthening the ties between you and the links that matter most, claimID helps steer the search engines (and anyone looking for your information) towards what is most relevant and important to you. It’s a clever idea, and one that strengthens individual privacy on the internet.


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