Give me back my GOOGLE™

Give me back my GOOGLE™

I just found this on Lifehacker, and it looks like a useful tool for streamlining searches.  It basically weeds out sites like ebay and other resellers that typically cloud search results with noise.  True, this can be done manually with Google, but for those looking for a shortcut this might be worthwhile.


One thought on “Give me back my GOOGLE™

  1. Based on Google’s custom search I’ve created a search engine which filters out the most “popular” price comparison websites, online shops, otherwise highly commercial sites and spam or sites with spam alike content. I think it works a bit better than the “Give Me Back My Google” fix because the list of blocked sites is far more comprehensive. Please have a try at
    In case you still find annoying websites in the search results just send them to me (link to the contact form is in the footer) and I’ll add them to the filter list.

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