Holy Cow!

Adventures with Dr. Lady Cutie Troublemaker » (Update: link is broken. Dr. Troublemaker strikes again!) Update: The link is back up.

I found this huge del.icio.us cloud via this ask.metafilter post. A better example of inefficient tagging I have yet to see.

According to one of the respondents, Dr. Troublemaker has 2441 unique tags, with 1400 of them representing only one bookmark. Browsing through them myself, I saw that many of the tags are variants of each other, which complicates the problem.


5 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

  1. It works well for me though. I tend to use del.icio.us on the fly, and when I’m in a hurry, I can usually find what I’m looking for instantly. I am often in situations where I’m using different computers, so I also tend to search my links straight from the navigation toolbar. I may have redundancy that seems odd to you (a word AND its plural), but it’s so that no matter what I pick, I quickly find what I need. So, in other words, I tag for my brain, which is not always great at word retrieval. Later, I’m able to find any site instantly, and that’s how I like it. It works for me, not you.

  2. Sorry about that. I recreated it. I knew that I had accidentally deleted an unnamed page yesterday, and now I see why it was unnamed. There is a title included in the script that is untweakable. I left it double-titled so I wouldn’t accidentally delete it again while cleaning up code.
    So I offer it up again. I must be nuts! Critique away!

  3. jlwaller

    Abby, you are absolutely right: if your tagging system works for you, then that is what counts. My comment was geared more towards the inherent flaws in any tagging system, but I didn’t really make that explicit.

    Thanks for leaving comments of your own here. I’m open to constructive criticism too. ;)

  4. Now that I’ve defended myself, I am trying to clean up the links, get out the dead ones and the ones I don’t use. Still, I’m known by everyone as a resource queen, so I will always have tons of links. That’s just how I roll!

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