Apple/iPhone Backlash

I’m going to be in the minority and not jump on the iPhone bandwagon. Apple, while a company that produces quality products, should not be immune from criticism.

Cases in point:

  • The iPhone (or whatever it will be called) is too expensive, and too crippled by Apple.
  • 8GB is not a lot of memory.
  • The iPhone will not record video (yet).

(See this link for a little more info).
One prognostication I do like:

Apple’s disruption in the mobile phone space is good news for anyone sick of paying too much for phone service, as it will greatly increase competition in the mobile phone and service industry. That will ultimately benefit everyone, not just Apple’s customers. Analysts mocking the iPhone should know that.

I’m certainly not mocking the iPhone, but Apple is going to need substantial market share to make that happen and I’m not convinced the numbers are there.

I’m also sure the phone will be immenently hackable, but at a price that only the real early adopters will be willing to pay.


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