Things are just peachy. Uh huh.

Glowing report on state of US cellular market overlooks problems

The American Consumer Institute produced a pdf that describes the supposed dangers of Net Neutrality. In essence what they describe is that a free, or neutral, internet is one that stifles innovation and investment. It would appear that their ideal internet would be run like the wireless industry in America, where access to information is so tightly controlled we could end up with an ISP that behaves like Verizon Wireless, selling crippled equipment and packages that nickel and dime the customer to death. There would be innovation, but they would be the kind of innovations that benefit the ISP over and above the customer.

In the world of cellular communication technology, the innovation is occurring in Europe and Asia, and not in the “glowing” American market.

I can agree that the network infrastructure needs updating, and that updates cost money, but something about that argument just doesn’t hold enough water.  Maybe I can comment on that in another post.

The discussion going on in the Ars Technica forums is worth a read, by the way.


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