You know the Americans when they open their mouths.

Monday, May 5.

Tired yesterday. Hard to remember exactly what we did besides walk. Visited Pizzi Palace, and the church of Santa Maria Novella by the train station. Had sandwiches and tiramisu for dinner on the guesthouse patio. Almost missed our train for the Cinque Terre, but managed to hop on just in time. Saying that it has been an interesting day is an understatement: was grand pulling into the train station in Riomaggiore; took all of 5 minutes to find a room with a kitchen and balcony; then I fell down a steep flight of marble stairs. I’ll be sore tomorrow, but at least I’m not seriously injured. My ass may be black and blue, but as long as i can hike i’ll be happy. The real downer today was on the rockys shore of the marina. There were a few sunbathers out, but it’s not what you would call a beach. It was lightly raining and one couple began dressing to leave when the man–pierced and tattooed–started yelling at another man across the rocks on the path: “take off your clothes and get in the water or get out of here you bum! You need to stop staring at people you dirty old man!” The old man on the path took off running. About the time the couple left, i noticed another older dude on the other side of the beach leaning against a rock and fondling himself. Had to get confirmation from M, but she agreed he was doing it. Wished the tough-looking guy was still around so he and i could yell together. M and i left with that unpleasant feeling in our guts. Has this place changed that much? Afterwords we stopped off to pick up some pesto and pasta for a homemade dinner. Now we’re out on the balcony enjoying the cool evening air and watching the people passing by. It’s just about gellato time!

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