Snow Leopard has a Built-in Cisco VPN Client

Now that’s a nice surprise to find hiding under the hood.

System Preferences –> Network –> Add (+). Under the Interface dropdown menu select VPN.  Choose your type (Cisco isn’t the only option), enter your credentials, and Bob’s your uncle.


2 thoughts on “Snow Leopard has a Built-in Cisco VPN Client

  1. Rohit

    hi there
    thanks for the tip that snow leopard has a built in VPN client for cisco, but when I try to connect it asks me to authenticate my machine and “shared secret”. I have no idea what is that and how to proceed any further. If you could explain how to establish ssl connection with my organization,it would be great.



  2. Hi Rohit,
    The shared secret should be a numeric or alphanumeric key unique to the VPN you’re trying to access. You can think of it as the 1st layer of security for the VPN, the password that authorizes your client as a member of the permitted group. It’s after this first authorization that your client software can proceed to authenticate your individual user credentials. Without knowing the specifics of your situation (and not being in front of my Snow Leopard machine at the moment), my best guess is that you need to look for the Group or maybe Certificate authentication settings. Since these settings are independent of your user name and password, they are generally acquired through your organization’s IT department.

    I hope that helps, and please feel free to follow up.

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